Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update on the Kids

This is just a quick post, it's been a long week and i'm honestly ready for bed at quarter to eight! Sad i know, too bad I have loads of laundry calling my name, and feel kinda bad because as I write this, Maggie is helping me sort the laundry. Yes, the five year old is learning the sacred art of laundry, lol. She's doing a darn good job too. Don't you love when chores are still fun for them? Usually her chore is to get the clothes out of the dryer when they are done, and then i fold them, but she wanted to help sort as well tonight! She's started wanting to take on more things, and she makes me smile with her willingness to help...I'm sure within the next few years i'll have to remind her to do her chores, but for now i LOVE it!
We are only a week away from her competition so if you could keep her in your thoughts, we would appreciate it. She's doing so well, and knows most of her lines, but i'm praying that she doesn't forget them, or get nervous on stage next weekend!! We are so proud of her, she continues to make progress in school, and i don't remember when she's come home with her spelling tests on Friday where she's missed any!! She still has dance on Saturday's and she brought home one of her costumes last week for her show in June, i can't wait to see her perform this year!!
Fionn went in for his 9 month check up this week, and is weighing in at 20.2 pounds and is 29in. long! He is cutting his top two teeth this week, so he's been a little grumpy some days. The one is through, but his top right is just breaking through, so we had to give him a little tylenol tonight!
I thought I would post a couple pictures of Fionn from this week in his Pirates hat from Aunt Shell and Uncle Bill. It finally fits and he's been sporting it all week(when it's been warm enough)
We went to the zoo today, and had a blast, so after i get a little sleep i'll put up some pictures from today.

Oh, we're taking pictures?
hold on mom, i have to wave to my bunnies(his mobile, he loves them)

Thanks for the hat Aunt Shell and Uncle Bill!! Give Mikey a hug for me!


3 wonderful people say::

Nicole said...

HOLY CHUNKY MONKEY!!! I can't believe he's almost 4 pounds heavier than Morgan - that's crazy! What do you feed that boy?! And I thought Morgan was a good eater - lol! I'm just kidding you, of course. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of him that you posted - they are just too cute! The last one with his smile is just so sweet.

Praying Miss Maggie does well with her show next weekend. I can't wait to hear all about it. Oh, and enjoy the little helper while she's willing - ha ha - like you said, it won't last forever! :o)

Have a good Sunday! Nite!

Anonymous said...

"Hi to my lil' guy!"

Your pictures are awesome and I love and miss you so very much. I can't wait to see you on Friday.


Aunt She said...

What a cute great nephew!! Fionn - watch out! Aunt she will have to do lots of kissing on those cheeks when I see you!! He is looking so grown up - love his smile.

Maggie, what a great helper you are. She will be like that until she becomes a teenager - then it all falls apart. You will be lucky if she makes her bed, sweeps the dust bunnies from under the bed; cleans the plates and cups from under her bed and hangs her clothes up!! lol (Speaking from experience here)

Aunt She sends many hugs and kisses to you all. See you Friday.