Friday, February 13, 2009

Good Morning

Fionn had a small "blow-out" this morning when getting he woke up, so I changed him and got him cleaned up quickly and had to run out the door to put Maggie on the bus. When we got back, i sat him in his room with this bottle in front of his stage so I could go wash out his clothes...this is what I found when I came out of the bathroom!

Yep, that's my big boy! Can you believe he will be 9 months already?

2 wonderful people say::

Kelly said...

That is absolutely adorable. He is such a cutie. Go Fionn!

Nicole said...

I swear our two are going through stages at the same time - now remember Morgan was a month early so they are basically the same age. I can't remember if Fionn was early - you'll have to remind me - ANYWAY, just yesterday Chase & I caught Morgan standing up next to her Incrediblock all by herself!!! We just couldn't believe it! That's the first time she actually pulled herself up to something. Luckily the Incrediblock didn't fall over because she's pulled it on herself before. Also, I loved the video of Fionn "crawling". We haven't really encouraged Morgan to crawl because that only means she will get into EVERYTHING small of Chase's, but she's been doing more of the army crawl and somehow scoots on her little bummy, too. She will go from sitting up to laying down to rolling around to sitting up again and be way across the room - it's too funny! She definitely has more interest in holding our fingers and wanting to walk everywhere. I wish you guys lived closer because then we could get those two together. They would be so much fun to watch!