Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Amazing FIONN!

Yep, I'm sure he'll have a much cooler "stage" name when he's grown, but for now, it will have to work, as just thinking of those days makes my heart start to race. I'm not sure what it is about him, and I'm sure all of you with boys will tell me it's a "boy" thing, but now that he is semi-mobile, he wants to crawl "OFF" of everything. Yesterday while Greg was putting his laundry away, Fionn was set up on the bed with his little (fisher price)stage, and when daddy turned his back he practically "jumped" off of Greg's side ON TO his nightstand. Not that big of a deal, he just looked at us like "WHOA" and never cried a peep as he landed in the middle of all of dad's electronics. Greg was white as a sheet, and forgot about the rest of the laundry to play with Fionn.
Then this morning he got sleepy, so i laid down with him to take a little nap. A little more than an hour after we lay down and I hear baby hitting metal on the floor on daddy's side of the bed. What a way to wake up! I'm not sure who's heart was beating faster, mine or his. There is a heater grate on Greg's side of the bed, and he landed on that. After a little love from momma he was fine. Not a mark on him, but my heart continued to race...
As I type this he's in the tub, trying to escape from dad to do his own thing! Lord have mercy, I thought Maggie gave me gray hairs! I'm sure this is just the start to the wild ride, and am having visions of stitches and hospital visits in our future....Mema, please tell me you never uttered that famous phrase when Greg was small..."just WAIT till you have kids one day"
That one plastics commercial is now running through my head"it will be a miracle if he makes it to 10"

I better start praying now, BOYS...Playing with his two new teeth that are emerging up top
I love this one, even though he looked away right as I took it...he was watching Sports Center with daddy and something came on that he wanted to see I guess! Such a boy, already ignoring me for sports!

2 wonderful people say::

Anonymous said...

Greg & Ging,

Good luck and lots of prayers to you for the kids, but just remember "Awesome Parents" have "Awesome Kids!!!!!!!!"

I love you Mom

Nicole said...

Wow - thankfully Morgan isn't that brave yet and hopefully she won't be. We already decided before she was born that she would be "trouble" and would our "little stinker." She has shown some signs of that already. Hopefully we'll be wrong about her.

Oh, and you'd better not let him out of your sight or close your eyes for more than a second! LOL! Good luck!