Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Somethin about that laugh!

Oh my goodness do these two make me smile, I am truly a lucky mommy! This is the first time that i've really let them be in the bath at the same time. Fionn usually tubbies while she's in school, and her baths are usually a little time for her to unwind at the end of the day and just have a little fun playing in the water, so we let her have it. I asked her tonight if Fionn could take a tubbie with her, and she was so excited! As you can see, so was he! I don't usually have him sitting in his bebepod, but since she was right there, and i was right there, i thought it would be fine since they were more about playing than bathing tonight. This laughing continued through the whole bath!! I took some cute pictures of them as well that i'll post later. It just makes me so happy to see how happy THEY are together!

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Nicole said...

Oh my that is just too cute! It's such a hardy laugh, too! :o) Morgan & Chase LOVE to take a bath together and really have a great time. Do you have a bath seat for him to sit in because I got this one from, I believe it was, that I love and Morgan seems to really like it too. Let me know if you need more info about it. Very cute! Can't wait to see pics!

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone!
Thank you so very much for the awesome video. It was wonderful to hear our lil' guy laughing and playing with his big sister.
I miss you guys and can't wait to see you next weekend.
I Love you,

Angie said...

Nathan won't take a bath without Grace anymore. They have so much fun!

Nothing brings a smile to a mother's face faster than the sound of her child's laughter!!