Friday, February 6, 2009

Super Sunday

We were so blessed to have some good friends come over and watch the game with us last weekend. I'm sorry that I have not gotten a chance to post anything this week before now. Maggie is hopefully now on the mend, and things are starting to look up here.
We started out with some Wii before the game(thanks Joe for bringing Star Wars) to calm everyone's nerves a little bit. It didn't work. Gail was nice enough to help me with our "bread crumb" crisis in the kitchen while the boys got ready, and before we knew it, it was Game time!! Since we couldn't find Fionn a Kiesel jersey anywhere this year, we got him a Harrison jersey instead last weekend for the game. He had a great time breaking it in. In case you are all wondering just how the super bowl went here in the 'burgh(or at least our house) it was CRAZY. Brian(our neighbor) stood for the first half because he was so nervous. Once he sat down and they started scoring, back to his corner he went, and that's where he stood for the whole rest of the game...Drew went from the couch, to the corner(with Brian) to the floor praying...then back up on his some point we had the slow towel wave going(to rally the troops in the 4th) and at one point the towel swung so hard it broke one of my lightbulbs in the chandelier....yeah it was intense!
After it was over, there was nothing but celebration. We all had to pick our votes for MVP and when Greg won the rest of us had to go out and do snow angels in the side yard! Once outside all we could hear was cheering up and down the street, and it was a GREAT night to live in the 'burgh! There is nothing better than being a Steeler fan!!

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