Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Okay, so it's 1:30am, and thank goodness that Greg just happens to be home tonight, because I may have lost it if I was here alone with the kids...Go watch this video
This is our neighborhood, the streets that they show in that video are the ones that I see when I step out my front door. I am shaking so badly as I type this. Maggie SHOULD have been getting off the bus about the exact time this guy took off, prompting the man hunt. And the place he was pulled over, RIGHT in front of her bus stop. So she and all her little friends would have seen this go down! I'm sure in the morning we will get quite the story from the other parents and the crossing guard.
I was so ANGRY yesterday with the way our day played out, and now watching this, I realize that it was just God's way of protecting us. About 1pm I looked at Greg and said, "let's go pick Maggie up and head out to the zoo." He agreed, we called the school to make sure she did not get on the bus, and we got ready and left about 2:15pm. We went and picked her up and headed down through the West End(so we did NOT see any of this happen) and headed out to the zoo. We got to the zoo about 10 til 3, got her changed and headed in. Only when we walked up to the front, everything was closed up and it said that the zoo was already closed for the day. I was TICKED. We were there before 3(which is when the front closed) and all Maggie wanted to see was the new girl polar bears. We drove ALL the way across town, and she sat there crying as we headed back to the truck. So we talked about other fun options, and since we have memberships to the 4 Carnegie Museums, we headed down to Oakland to hit up the the new T-Rex exhibit that we have not seen yet. We pull into the lot at 3:35pm. Parking lots closed, Museums closed(according to the sign that said that it was open until 5pm) Maggie cried again...we got stuck then in the traffic that was starting to build in Oakland and wandered through the South Side driving home. We did NOT come home at that point, instead drove out to Robinson to get some groceries and went to IKEA. I was not feeling so well, and Greg decided to stay home tonight, so we stayed out in Robinson a little longer. We got home around 7:40pm tonight, just in time to give Maggie a bath and put her to bed.
Greg and I watched some tv and played with Fionn, blissfully unaware that a manhunt had happened in our neighborhood, and the man was still on the loose.
So all of today's crazy events(Greg NEVER calls off of work) happened for a reason. We are safe, and Maggie has no idea what transpired right out our front door.
Please say a little prayer for us. One of thanks, and one for us to find a way out of this neighborhood. The street that we actually live on is wonderful, we LOVE our neighbors, but the area directly across from us is starting to go down hill FAST. Please pray that we can find a way to buy a house of our own, where we don't have to worry about WHO is outside our door and where I feel safe getting Maggie on and off a bus. I worry, more than I tell anyone on the nights when Greg works 3rd shift. It's a terrible feeling to be scared when you are in your own home. Our house before this was on the same street, just around the bend, and not ONCE was I ever afraid. Not ONCE did I hear gunshots, or see police and paramedics out my front window. Not ONCE did I have to see our wonderful crossing guard shaking with fear as she tells me about the gunshots that stopped FEET from where she was standing the day before, and not once was I scared to take my beautiful children outside.
I know Greg is here now, and I'm going to go crawl into bed and hold him tight, but I doubt if I will get any sleep tonight...
As of this morning, the mas still was not caught, and SURE ENOUGH this happened JUST as the ST.Philip kids were getting off the bus. Our whole area was blocked off, AND there was a gun in his car, along with LOTS of money and drugs. Nice huh??
YES, i did finally fall asleep, but did not sleep well. Every noise(including Greg snoring) startled me awake again. Thank you God that my children slept, blissfully unaware, in the next room!

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Nicole said...

Wow! You know, that evening when I watched the news and heard them say that it was happening in Crafton Heights - I wondered how close that was to where you live. Thank goodness I didn't know it was your actual neighborhood!!! How scary!!! Glad you were all safe and weren't aware of any of this at the time. Yikes!