Thursday, December 11, 2008

Watchin the game

On Sunday Greg went to the Steeler game, and the kids and I happily stayed nice and warm watching it from home! Fionn LOVES football(and hockey) and thinks our tv is a drive-in sometimes...Here are a couple pictures of the kids watching the game!

getting a little too you understand why it's a "drive-in"

showing some support of great "D", gotta love that he knows how to wave his towel already!

taking a break to smile at mom...

lol, he loves his towel!

out of all the "portraits" that I take of him, this might be my favorite of all...

3 wonderful people say::

Nicole said...

How funny! I do love that last one too! So precious! Thanks for sharing!

boltefamily said...

He is getting SOOO big! How did that happen!?

Anonymous said...

Oh what beautiful babies!
Thanks for sharing. I love you,