Monday, December 22, 2008

Hip-hop Princess

So after our whirl-wind trip home this weekend for some QT with the family we INSISTED Maggie come home last night, because she HAD to go to school today and half a day tomorrow. There were tears, fits, guilt trips, and that was all just from the grandparents(JUST KIDDING) Maggie is getting very good at pushing just the right buttons to make you feel like poo to get her way, but we stood her ground and made her come home...
So we wake up today, two hour delay, okay not a big deal...within the hour school was canceled...that did NOT fit into my "wrapping" plans for now I have to wait until tonight to wrap all her presents. Greg woke me up as he left just to tell me that the upstairs bathroom pipes were frozen. He tried for a few minutes this morning to thaw them, but no luck. I kept at it all day(in all my spare time) and they finally broke free around 2pm.
Maggie and Fionn have been grumpy and miserable all day. I don't know what the deal is, but Maggie was only cheerful today while in her "hip-hop" idea where it has come from, but suddenly everything is hip-hop. She told Greg the other day that he looked "hip-hop" in his new hat, lol, and he just looked at her and grinned...well today she dressed herself, and added to her wardrobe as the day went on....this is where we were at around noon today. I HAD to grab the camera for this one...this is me sneaking up on her as she looks out the side window, and then her posing once she sees the camera...Even on the coldest of days she warms my heart!!

2 wonderful people say::

Nicole said...

That is just too funny! Love the outfit Maggie! You go girl - although I'm sure that's probably NOT something you'd say if you were "into" hip-hop - lol! Thanks for the laugh!

Julie said...

So cute :-) Gotta love it!!! Love you and miss you lots!!