Friday, December 19, 2008

Few and Far between

This week I took the memory card out of my little Kodak Point and shoot and got all kinds of surprises. We don't use it very often, but it's the one we take to Steelers games and such since I don't dare take "my baby" The weather forcast always seems to be questionable for every game we go to, so we just grab this little thing and go. Maggie and Aunt Sharon also took it to her very first Steeler game earlier this year as well, so I found a couple of those pictures on it as well.
I can tell you they had much better seats than Greg and I usually have, but it's an "experience" hiking all the way to the top we tell ourselves. So here are a couple "jems" to share. It seems that pictures of just Greg and I are just that, rare jems for me to treasure. It's not very often that I'm in front of the camera as it is, but to get both of us, is a rare thing indeed.

after the game, getting ready to head back down all the steps...

Along the rail, with the city behind us

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Nicole said...

Those are really nice pics of the two of you. You can really tell how much you love each other. So sweet!