Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Saturday morning came EARLY at our house, and it arrived with a mess for mommy, all before 7am. God bless the person that came up with the baby monitor! With it's help, I heard Maggie start moaning in her bed, and then I heard her say"i'm gonna throw up" as she got up and charged into the bathroom...Listened to see if I heard wrong for a moment, and the poor thing was in there gagging away! So I went in and took care of her, and when we were all done we went back in the kids room because Fionn was awake and starting to fuss. I laid Maggie back in bed, and went to pick up Fionn. I said a small prayer when I picked him up, he was dry(we're having some issues with him peeing like a madman at night) and then turned him over and realized he was soaked up to his armpit....Grrrrr...still not 7am yet. SO, I get Fionn cleaned up, put both kids in bed with Greg and go back to clean up his crib and get things in the wash, and then bleach the bathroom to try to keep the germs at a minimum! Now it's 7am!
The morning continued on, Maggie running to the bathroom every half hour or so to be sick, each time insisted after she was done that she felt better...We were supposed to go to breakfast with Santa at Maggie's school, had already paid for it, and she was so upset that we were missing it, that she made herself more sick. The poor girl was having a meltdown over not seeing santa...
So Greg and I made the executive decision at 10:40am(it was over at 11am) that we would take them to see Santa, no food, just santa...
We had hoped that there wouldn't be a line and we headed off...There were still people everywhere when we got there, a couple kids from her class, but she was only interested in Santa(and Fionn seeing Santa) When it was finally our turn, she forgot what she wanted to tell him(it's a good thing Santa already knows!) She was white as a ghost, a little green even, but smiled from ear to ear sitting on santa's lap with Fionn. He watched her expression, and since she was smiling, he smiled too! He liked Santa's beard, and tried to see if it was real or not a few times, lol. So after we sat on santa's lap we gathered a craft to go and headed back home. Daddy tried to make her feel better with pancakes, but she graciously "projected" them back to him a bit later. By Sunday she was started to perk back up, food stayed down, and we were only dealing with gastro issues by then. But she was nice enough to share, and by Monday we were both down and out! Everyone is on the mend now, except Fionn, who is teething, so all the fun stuff that goes with that is starting up...Poor boy!!
Oh, i just have to share my favorite quote from Maggie on Saturday about being sick. This was said in the truck on the way home from seeing Santa. "Mommy, I got that shot in my arm right here(pointing to arm), it HURT, and it's not helping." I gotta say, even sick she crack's me up!
So here are a couple pics with Santa, enjoy!

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Nicole said...

Oh my! You weren't exaggerating about the weekend, were you?! :o) Glad she didn't puke all over Santa - that would've been bad (or should I say "naughty") LOL! Cute picture of Fionn with Santa. Morgan's got this obsession with beards, too, so I'm sure she'll be doing the same thing. We go this Sunday to our township's Christmas party - should be fun (& interesting to say the least). Hope everyone is feeling much better now. Take good care!