Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tree part two...

Here are a couple more of the tree...and one of our outside decorations. The funny part is that we have so many more decorations, but really not sure where to put what this year. The old house was easy, we knew all our decorations were safe, we were up on the hill. Now that we are at street level, well we're a little more careful with what we put out. Still looking to put up our penguins though. Sorry Brian and Lauren, there is still more to come!

hmmm...doesn't look like we're putting the star on!okay, that's better..now that we took off the bottom foot of the tree!now that it's all decorated, home made tree skirt and allthe ornament that we got for Fionn...his foot was supposed to fit on that little white sheet of paper...not so much...we went for an "artsy" approach!the preliminary outside decorations...more to come!

2 wonderful people say::

Nicole said...

Very pretty! I love how big your tree is and am glad you were able to get it to fit so you could have your star on top. :o) I also love where you put your tree - very pretty window area. Fionn's ornament is adorable even if his whole foot didn't fit! Lol! Your outside decorations are very pretty, too. We haven't done any this year; except for a wreath on our front door. Woohoo! We just never got around to it when the weather was warmer and to find the time when we can both be out there without Morgan is just about impossible. Oh well - we keep joking that next year our flower beds will look nice again because she will be that much older (although we'll be chasing after her I'm sure.) Maybe next year... ha ha!

Aunt She said...

Guys, what a beautiful tree - you really did find the perfect tree! Maggie, it looks like the presents will fit under this tree! Did you help decorate it? Good job.

Love Fionn's footprint-what a story for him when he is older!

Love you all-xxxxxoooooxxxxxoooo