Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...

Wednesday we went on our annual trek to find our Christmas Tree. Since we moved to Pittsburgh, we've gone to the same place every year, and we LOVE the day. This day is "our" day as a family, to get us ready for the Holidays. Since we always come home for Christmas(which we LOVE to do as well) all our "our" little family traditions happen before hand.
It is never an easy task, for we all have different ideas on what the "perfect" tree is, and it usually takes us quite a while of stamping through the same patch of trees to find the right one. It has to be the right color, the right shape, and have a perfect top to put our star on. I have a symmetry issue, and Greg and Maggie try their best to humor me. Maggie has to look under all the trees, she has to make sure there is room for the presents...You'll hear her, she'll walk up to a tree, look under it and say "nope, not that one!" LOL, the continues for about twenty minutes usually until Greg and I insist she look again usually at the one we are favoring...If she gives it the okay, then we're in business...
It was a little more tricky this year with Fionn! HE wanted to take the pictures, and he was not entirely too sure about what we were doing roaming through the trees...He did like the tractor ride though, and didn't seem to mind all the mud(that's because he was in the wrap)
All in all we picked a perfect day to go find our tree, there was no one else there, and it wasn't super cold yet, like it is now. We were going to go originally after Breakfast with Santa in the morning, good thing we changed our mind...

The one thing that continues to also be a tradition...the tree not fitting in our house, LOL...Bigger house, and we still got a tree that was WAY too big!! It didn't look that big in the middle of the field!! Here are some pictures of our adventure...On the wagon was a bit bumpy

Fionn wasn't so sure about the bumps at first...but liked the tractor

my goofballs "sneaking up" on our tree

with the kids in front of "our" tree

See! She even borrowed daddy's gloves for a thorough check!

daddy cutting down our tree, after it passed the Maggie test...

"uhhh, mom...what's daddy doing?"

dragging it out, maggie always helps as you can see...

grow trees grow...we'll be back next year to search out our next perfect tree!!

4 wonderful people say::

lauren said...

Bri and I ran into Greg when he was putting up the lights and he said your gorgeous tree is just the teeniest bit too tall! We can't wait to see it!! Your yard and porch look great, we need to play catch-up! :-) Oh and I baked some chocolate chip cookies, pop by if you guys want a few!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kids,

What a wonderful family tradition that you all share together. I sure hope Greg fit the tree in the house, finally! ha ha

I can't wait either until you all come home, then our Christmas Season will begin.

Oh, and please tell Mags we do have plenty of room "under" our tree for Santa.

I love you Mom

Aunt She said...

I love the pictures and narration! You all did a great job in picking your christmas tree. It is magnificant! Maggie, you are a great tree inspector!!

Next year Fionn will be rambling around checking the trees with you as well! Ho Ho Ho!!

Nicole said...

I must say... you are definitely a hat family! Love all the hats, though; especially Fionn's in this particular blog - too cute!

I was cracking up about Maggie having to see if there was enough room under the tree for presents - too funny! Leave it to her! :o)

Thanks for sharing!