Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Beautiful Bride and the little dancing queen!

On Saturday Greg's cousin Courtney got married so we all got to dress up and go celebrate! Maggie went home with Mema and Pop-pop Friday night and drove down to Meadville with them. Greg, Fionn and I traveled north Sat. morning and ALMOST made it to the wedding. Stupid construction! We got there just in time to watch everyone come out of the church and we got to see Maggie hand out the bubbles. She was so excited to help! From there we went to Riverside for the reception and Maggie proceeded to entertain the whole wedding. As soon as dinner was over she was on the dance floor waiting for everyone else to start dancing. Let me just tell you that girl danced to every song that came on, some songs she was the only one dancing!! She had a great time dancing with Courtney and her bridesmaids, and she even (with help) caught the bouquet. It is now located on the shelf above her bed where she can see it at night when she goes to sleep.
Greg had to work 3rd shift, so we headed back home a little early, and Maggie was still dancing when we left! Maggie stayed a little while longer with Pop-pop and then headed back to Mema and Pop-pop's!
Here are some of the highlights of the wedding:

Courtney and Joe...their first dance!maggie handing out bubbles!
Mema showing Gramma Sally how to make Fionn smile!
Aunt Lisa with Fionn at the RiversideMaggie with Little Gramma and Lizdancing with Courtney and Megan...this is where you could find Maggie most of the night!

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