Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gettin Ready for the fair!

We finally got around to playing with mommy's new lights and got Maggie's 5th birthday pictures done!! She looks so grown up, it's hard to believe she's 5 already! Our big girl is liking school and is having fun riding the bus back and forth!
Maggie insisted that Fionn get pictures taken too, but he wasn't so excited about that plan. Big sister picked out both their outfits, lol. She is SO excited for the fair next week, she bounces just talking about it!! Albion, here she comes! Enjoy!

2 wonderful people say::

Hilary said...

Love the pictures!! Your kids are beautiful!

Brianne said...

I came over to your blog from Kenzie and Faith's via MckMama. I saw that you're from the 'Burgh, and HAD to comment. I'm a Pittsburgher at heart (born and basically raised in Beaver County), and I bleed Black and Gold!! I love it when I find people who know where I'm from, and love the same area that I love. I still have family in Beaver County, and we make it out there as often as we possibly can (we live in Virginia now)! I just wanted to say hello!! :) Have a super weekend.