Monday, September 29, 2008

Such a great weekend!

Well we did it, everyone kept all our surprises quiet, and we pulled them all off!! That was a feat all in itself!
Not only was Saturday Greg's birthday, but it was Mema's as well. We not only surprised Daddy with a fun day on Saturday and dinner with friends, but we surprised Mema on Sunday as well. We met the family up in Mercer at Benjamin's and had a great lunch together! I'm sure once the boys get a little bigger, family dinners are going to get tricky, but for now, it's still pretty easy.
Here are a couple pictures from this past week. What a fun week it was!!
I couldn't choose which ones I liked the most so I just made a slideshow instead! Enjoy!!

2 wonderful people say::

Hilary said...

Great pictures!!! Happy b-day Daddy and Mema!!

Nicole said...

Let me just start off by saying that Fionn certainly has some chubby cheeks!!! Everyone says that Morgan does, but I really don't think so compared to Fionn's. :o) So kissable! I definitely think he looks more like you (Ginger) anymore and he seems to have your tan complexion too. What a cutie! I am also thinking that Mikey looks more like Shelli; rather than Bill, but I could be wrong. He's so fair compared to Fionn. What a sweetie! Oh, and we have the same exersaucer as you do! Morgan tries to devour the green frog, but it's sometimes hard for her to catch in mid-air. When she does get it, though, look out! LOL! Too funny! Thanks for sharing all the pics! Glad you had a great weekend!