Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Tomorrow(Saturday) is Greg's birthday and we can't wait...we've been planning little surprises all week just to show him how much he means to us!!
It's been quite the week here, both kids to the doctor, and Fionn's teeth are really bugging him this week. Maggie was referred to an Orthopedic specialist because of some odd foot pain she's been having for a long time now. Poor little Fionn had his four month check up this week, all you mom's know what that means...more shots. He was not a fan, but took them like a champ. No shots are ever easy, but I think they are a little easier when they don't look at you like "why are you letting them do this to me mommy??" I can't look, so I usually get face to face with my kids and look them in the eyes, Fionn wasn't having that though, and smacked me and pulled my hair, lol. Maggie never ever did that. He really is momma's little baby, and I'll never complain.
It was picture day today at Maggie's school, and since she wears a uniform, I just naturally dressed her in that, NO ONE from the school bothered to mention that they can wear what they want for picture day, grrrrrr! It's so trivial I know, but I just hate that the school forgets to tell new families about these things. This isn't the first thing that we were not told about, so now I'm just a little grumpy about it. Her school bus ended up being over 20 minutes late picking them up, so one of the other dad's(who we know pretty well) offered to run home and get their mini-van to take St. Philip's kids down before they were late. We ran back to the house and Maggie got changed into something cute and then rode down with Mr. Worrell to school. What a long and hectic morning, i tell ya! But now the weekend is here, and there are many plans afoot that I cannot mention so that they stay surprises, but it's going to be a great weekend!!!

**before i leave, I'm asking for prayer for good friends of ours here in the burgh. Maggie's best friend Grace's little sister(Hope) had surgery today on her left foot. She is only two months old and was born with one club foot. This is just the first of many(surgeries) for her, poor sweet girl. I'm posting a picture of her that I shot two weeks ago in her Baptism gown, so you have a face to go with the name. I'm asking for prayer for her, and the rest of the family, as they have already been through all of this with Grace, and it's so hard on all of them. Thank you all for being such prayer warriors for them, and everyone else you lift up on a daily basis.***

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boltefamily said...

Happy Birthday Greg! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

I am sure Maggie's pictures will be gorgeous just like her!

I will certainly pray for Miss Grace!

Love you all!