Friday, August 29, 2008

A few highlights of the week...

Maggie's first week of Kindergarten went well...she only asked EVERY night if she had to go back the next day, lol. We picked up Mema and Pop-pop at the airport tonight and Maggie rode home with them for Courtney's wedding tomorrow. Something tells me she'll be gone all weekend! We are heading home early tomorrow for the wedding, but then have to turn around and come right back so Greg can work overnight Saturday night...I have SOoo much work to do this weekend anyway so it's okay that we are coming home. Snuggle bugs is in two weeks, so i have lots of item prep to do. If you live here in the Pittsburgh area(or close enough to drive in for it) this is the most amazing sale i've ever been too! I become a little more involved with the sale every season! If you would like more information here is the link to the site:
Also Maggie's school now has a blog and you can see a shot of her in her classroom from the first day if you scroll down to the Kindergarten's first day post. She's in the shot of the class listening to a story(she's wearing her pink, fuzzy birthday crown) Here's the link for that:

Okay here are a few more shots from the week, enjoy!
Her new computer!
Our happy birthday girl!
Thanks for the great present Grampa and Gramma Sally!
Fionn and Daddy swinging in the hammock while I baked Maggie's cake!!

Maggie's birthday may not look great, but boy was it YUMMY!

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Hilary said...

Happy late b-day Miss maggie!! Glad that you liked Kindergarten!! Have a great weekend