Monday, September 15, 2008

Rain and wind, what a weekend!!

Well last Thursday we were off to the fair! Whooo hooo! It was a long day as we waited for Greg to get home from class so we could head for home. As poor daddy tried to nap Maggie went in our room crying to him that she wasn't going to get to ride the ferris wheel since it was supposed to rain, and she was sooo upset that she was "missin tha faiiiirrrrrr" yep, that's what it sounded like as she cried it out. You would have thought we were not going at all, geesh. We did not get home Thursday night in time to head down, but we got up bright and early Friday to go, and guess what......RAIN!! grrrr
We had hoped beyond hope that it would hold off, just for a little while, there was not a cloud in the sky when we went to bed Thursday night, but no, the rain came, just as predicted...
So instead we packed up and took Mema to Erie with us to run some errands. We went to lunch at O'Charley's(which is YUMMY) by the way, and then had to find Maggie a raincoat and get a rain cover for our stroller. We accomplished both, and by evening when we got home, it had stopped. So off we went to the fair. Maggie did indeed get to ride the ferris wheel, it was the first thing she rode with pop-pop, and then continued on to ride all the rides she was allowed to ride(including the one that spins you upside down) Pop-pop took her on that one, and she is now a little traumatized(and proud of herself at the same time) I broke in my new rainboots, all though i have to say, i don't think aerie had the Albion fair in mind when they designed them...They def. held up and I got my money's worth, lol, but my boots look nothing like the ones they have in their ads!!
Sat. morning came and yep, you guessed it MORE RAIN!! Fionn, Greg and I went and watched the parade with the Bolte's, while Maggie RODE in the parade with Pop-pop with the church float. It was her first parade, and she said she loved throwing out the candy. It continued to rain most of the day, and we did spend about 3-4 hours in it at the fair before heading home to dry out a bit. We ran some errands and then went back later that night for one last loop around and an apple dumpling. Fionn and I got about a gallon of water dumped on us from an overhang of one of the booths, so that was the end of the fair for us! I had hoped to show Fionn so much more, but the rain put a damper on that. He seemed to like the animals, and the sheep seemed to like him right back. He had more fun playing with Mema, Pop-pop, Aunt Shell and Uncle Bill. He tried to get a better look at Mikey, but Mikey wasn't having it just yet.
Speaking of Mikey, he was dedicated at church yesterday and it was quite a site to see the whole family there with him. What an honor it was to be a part of his dedication to the Lord!! I got to hold him again too, which was GREAT!! He's like a little feather compared to Fionn(who was sleeping in daddy's arms) Mikey would open his eyes every once in while and peek at me and then just go right back to sleep!
After we left Mikey's party we headed to my Aunt She's! It was time for Maggie to celebrate her birthday with grandma and grandpa! This was the first my mom and dad got to see her in about a month and a half so they had lots of questions for her about school! It was nice to get to spend a little time with them. I know it's hard to coordinate time with everyone, and I really miss seeing my nieces and nephew!! Maggie loves being with them as well, so it's hard on her as well!
We didn't get too much time with them, as Maggie had to get up early for school today(which ended up having a two hour delay) and we started for home just as the wind kicked up. It was quite a crazy drive home, but daddy got us here in one piece. Poor Maggie was so scared, when we got home the electricity was fading in and out, and she told us that our lightbulbs were all running out of electric! She was afraid to be upstairs in her room by herself since we were downstairs watching the game, so she slept on the couch next to daddy! We all seem to be coming down with some kind of head cold(even Fionn) so if could say a prayer for us, we would appreciate it. You know it's not going to be a good week if EVERYONE in the family is sick. Poor Fionn had all kinds of boogies tonight and he had no idea what to do!
I'll post a couple pictures from the weekend tomorrow, i better get to sleep myself!!

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Nicole said...

Hope you're all feeling well! We've still got mostly coughing at our house - week number 3 for me and week number 2 for the kids. Fun, fun! Take good care!