Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Dancing Flower

Maggie had her big end of the year dance recital on Sunday night. The last few weeks of dance she hasn't really seemed that interested in the dance itself, so i was concerned how the recital was going to go. Whenever we would practice, she would tell me that she didn't need to practice and that she would do it at the recital! I was nervous, but she knew what she was doing! The day of the dress rehearsal came, and she still didn't really pay attention, so i thought this was going to be an interesting show for sure. The studio that she danced at this year wasn't really put together well, but her teacher was great, so she loved it. Her friend Grace also was in her class, so it made it even more fun for her. Here are a couple pictures of her at the recital, enjoy.
maggie at dress rehearsal

maggie and grace at rehearsal

look at our big girl go!

finding her spot on the stage!

at the end, taking their bow!

3 wonderful people say::

boltefamily said...

so cute!

Aunt She & Uncle John said...

You did so good, Maggie Moo - both you and Gracie were amazing in your costumes - can't wait to see the video to see you dance!! What a special girl you are - love you bunches & bunches XXXXX OOOOOO XXXXX 000000

Aunt She & Uncle John

Nicole said...

What a cute little flower! Good job Maggie!