Friday, June 13, 2008

Brave Queen Esther...and the lizard!

I bet you are thinking "huh?" lol, it's been a LONG day today and it will all make sense by the end of the post, i promise!!
My odd little girl is starting Kindergarten this fall as you all know. To get to that point though she has to have her five year physical, and as all of us parents dread, SHOTS! The reason I called Maggie odd is because we went last week for her physical and there was a mix up with some paperwork so she got everything, BUT her shots. For most kids, they would have been overjoyed. Not our little girl, she was sad and upset.(we had psyched her up for it, since her friend Jonah had gotten his the day before, and Maggie knew she HAD to have them to go to Kindergarten, and she REALLY REALLY can't wait for Kindergarten) They gave her shiny band-aids, a sticker AND a toy from the box because she was so good and patient while we tried to work things out. Nothing but that silly lizard she got from the box made it okay that she DID NOT get her shots. Let's just say the lizard was only with us for a few hours(mommy's fault) and Maggie loved it, so it was all i heard about for the last week...
That brings us today. We re-scheduled the shots for today, and Fionn had a weight check. Before i forget, he's up a WHOLE pound since last week. He's tipping the scales at a whopping 8.2 pounds now. But this is about our brave girl tonight, so back to her. Last night for our devotions we read about "Brave Queen Esther" and Maggie really paid attention and we prayed for strength and courage like Esther last night.
So we get to the doctors office and the doctor is talking to us going over our choices, telling us how they can break up the shots(depending on what she needs) into two visits since it's a lot and two of them are IM (intra-muscular) shots. They tell her she needs five, and she decided that she wanted them all today. They just looked at her (and us) like we were crazy, and i'm not going to lie, i felt a little sick thinking about five shots! But it was her decision and that's what she chose, so we all let her have her way. The nurse took about ten minutes getting everything ready and by about minute nine Maggie had changed her mind. So it was then that we decided to channel a little of "Brave Queen Esther"
She sat in Greg's lap and he held her and i put my hands on her legs and looked her in the eye the whole time. She was SO BRAVE, and so strong, i couldn't believe it. At one point I wanted to cry, but she made it through without fighting or even kicking. We won't lie, there was crying, but she never said stop and she never flinched, and she stopped crying and whimpering withing just a couple of minutes. All she kept saying was she was brave like Queen Esther! And what did she make the office girls find for her...another lizard! This one is now named "brave spot" and he clips on to her, so she wore him on her shirt for most of the day!
Her prize for being so brave and strong was a trip to Build-a-Bear to get a new outfit for her animals. What did she pick out...a pink Sleeping Beauty dress which she came home and put on "cindy" her bear and as she was going to sleep tonight she told us her bear was Beautiful, Brave Queen Esther!
It was a big day for her, but she went to sleep happy. Her school is having it's annual festival right now, so we went down for a while tonight. She got to see a bunch of her friends from school and show them Fionn so she was thrilled. She played games and got to jump in this big blow up monster truck bouncer, so it made her night. She forgot all about her arms hurting when she saw her friends, so it made it all worth it. So here is a couple pics from today. You know me, always have the camera!

brave princess maggie with her lizard!

playing a little 7-11 at the festival

mommy with her babies as we left the festival

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Anonymous said...

Maggie - I am so proud of you! You did really well taking your shots for school and I love the lizard as well! The story about Queen Esther is one of my favorites too! Hope to talk with you soom. Would you give your Mom, Dad and Finn a big hug and kiss from me and ask them to give you one (or more) from me. Love you sweetheart.

Aunt She

Nicole said...

What a cute story and a VERY brave big girl you have!

Thanks for sharing your ups and downs with all of us. We're all in the same boat - each just may look a little bit different; that's all. :o)

Thinking of you...