Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our Trip to the zoo last week

We took Fionn to the zoo last weekend for his first trip to see the animals. Maggie loved showing him all the different animals and as you can see Fionn slept through most of it. He loves to sleep with his hands above his head, and he did really well in the stroller. Once again, another shout out to the moby wrap, the one pictures above is a view of him in the wrap. The one with his eyes open is as we are leaving the zoo. As you can see Maggie loved the zoo, AGAIN! She can't wait for the new baby elephants to be born and she told Fionn all about which ones were having the babies, and she was sad that she didn't get to show him Jack(the daddy elephant)
She did have a cool encounter with the Kimono Dragon though. He was all the way in the back corner of his enclosure and we were the only ones looking at him and he walked all the way right up to the glass to Maggie for her to get a great close up!! The other picture is from the polar bear exhibit. She was sitting in the tunnel waiting for one to come in swimming!

**We are coming home this weekend for Shell's shower and can't wait to show Fionn to everyone!! Greg goes back to work on Sunday morning, so i'm not sure how long we'll be in Erie, but we would love to try and see as many people as we can!! **

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