Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Busy Busy weekend!

Last week was a pretty busy, but fun week for us. Maggie finished up T-ball, and since we knew that she would be headed north this week with Mema and Pop-pop we tried to get some family events in first to distract her while they were in Guatemala. Friday we went to the zoo to "check on the mommy elephants" No babies yet, but any day now! We got up close and personal with the elephants and Maggie was in her glory! One of the pregnant females was in the water and right by the fence. We actually got sprayed by her once, so Mags(who was on Greg's shoulders)thought it was awesome. We love the Pittsburgh Zoo, no matter how often we go, we see different things every time we go!!
On Saturday after Maggie's last T-ball game I took the kids to the Science Center. We haven't been there since the first week we moved down here, and Maggie was really into it this time. She loves science, it's kinda cool. She likes seeing how things work. We stayed a lot longer than I thought we would. There was a fruit flambe show that was pretty cool. Too bad Fionn was fussy the whole time so i stood in the back with him, and let Maggie go up front! It was the only thing I really wanted to see all day.
On Sunday I took the kids on a "Good Ship Lollipop Cruise" Sunday down on The Gateway Clipper. It was an ice cream social river cruise and Maggie LOVED IT! All it really tells you is that they have Bruester's ice cream, not that there is a Magician and a DJ as well. They ate their ice cream and were amazed as we cruised under all the bridges. After that it was a wild and crazy dance party until the Magician started his show. And yes, the magician was actually great! I highly recommend this cruise to any of you, it's a great two hours to spend with the kids cruising down the river. There is a little bit for everyone. I had fun going up on the top deck and looking around. I saw parts of Pittsburgh that i never knew about! We went on the Cruise with Maggie's friend Grace and her Mom and family, so they had a blast. It was a girls day on the river!!
Besides all that, we just kept busy with Fionn and tried to get some time with daddy when he was home from work. Monday was an all day count down(starting at 7:45am) asking when we were leaving to go pick up Mema and Pop-pop from the airport! ALL DAY!! And their flight did not come in until 11:44 pm! Maggie went home with Mema and Pop-pop yesterday and is ther until Sunday by herself, so she's in her glory right now. As soon as they got home yesterday she got Pop-pop right in the pool and today she is at work with Mema. When I called this morning, she was making "macaroni soup with carrots" out of play dough. Mema is a brave woman, lol!!
Okay, it's time for Fionn to eat again, so enjoy the pics from this weekend!!

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Nicole said...

Hi Ginger!

I was so happy to get your email, but this has been a "not-so-good" week for us; the "boys" were sick and Morgan seemed extra fussy (we think she may have had a touch of it, too.) I promise to get back to you soon, but I just wanted to let you know (in case you have not already heard) that one of the mother elephants gave birth on Wednesday to a female baby elephant! They showed the baby on the news today! She's SO cute! They are expecting the other mother elephant to give birth any day now - how exciting! Can you believe we haven't been to the Pittsburgh Zoo yet - ever?! We want to go when it's a decent day weather-wise and we just never made it there. The Aviary is pretty neat if you haven't taken Maggie there yet (Fionn, too, of course.) :o) Chase really enjoyed it!

Anyway, I hope you've had a good week! Talk to you soon!


Nicole said...


I swear I haven't forgotten about emailing you back!!! It's been so crazy and I just haven't had the time on the computer as I'd like. I pray all is going well with all of you. I keep checking your blog for recent pics of the boy, but nothing new - same old, same old... just kidding. I totally know what it's like having a new baby in the house; plus having a sibling to also take care of and keep entertained as well. :o) If you don't have the time to post any; feel free to just send any to my email when you can find the time. No hurry! I bet he's changed so much already!

Well, wish me luck - tonight's the first night at home that Morgan is actually sleeping in her crib instead of the pack'n'play in the Family Room. That means that I actually get to sleep in my own bed (Dan's too, of course) instead of the couch. :o) So far so good, but I'm sure I probably just jinxed myself. I'll let you know how it goes.

Take good care! Thinking of you!