Saturday, June 21, 2008


Just a quick post this time. I just wanted to add a picture of just Greg and I. We don't get them very often, esp. ones where we're on a "date" For our anniversary this year(since it was paper) Greg got me tickets to the Kenny Chesney show last weekend. Mema and Pop-pop came down and stayed with Fionn and Moo while we went. I joked as we drove down that I really do feel old. We showed up two hours late(STUPID RAIN) instead of eight hours early. The rain didn't stop the tailgating though, there were people EVERYWHERE. We missed Luke Bryan and Gary Allen, but saw Leann Rimes, Keith Urban AND Kenny!! It was a great show and it was nice to get some time with Greg. He may have been home on paternity leave for three weeks, but alone time now consists of Fionn, daddy and mommy, lol. You all know how hard it is, CRAZINESS ensues the first few weeks after having a baby.
Anyway before I keep blabbing on, here is the one of just the two of us!

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Nicole said...

What a nice picture of the two of you! Ginger - you look great! Happy belated Anniversary!