Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Before the craziness began...

It's been one quick month to put it mildly and before i forget, i wanted to post a couple of pics from May of all our big events leading up to having Fionn. I know, as long ago as it seems already, we had big milestones to celebrate here in the burgh. Greg walked(again) and received even more honors this time, AND Maggie graduated from Pre-K hours before Fionn was born! It seems almost comical how I joked all week that week "he only has to stay in until noon on Friday" By 3pm we knew he was going to be born that day. We never anticipated the ride we would take from that point, but you all know that story, and it has a happy ending, so we'll skip that, otherwise this wouldn't be a blog about what happened BEFORE he joined us!
So here we go:

Maggie digging up dinosaur bones at Carnegie Museum of Natural History

swimming with pop-pop at his hotel when he brought the youth group to the burgh
and a family shot at daddy's graduation

just daddy and his princess at graduation

daddy and moo with mema and pop-pop
and Maggie at her graduation. Good job princess!!

Maggie's cheering section! A shot with everyone after graduation...

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Congrats Greg & Maggie!