Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sleep deprived and LOVING it!

Yes, it's true, i've forgotten what a full nights sleep feels like, or even more than two hours in a row strung together, but life is good none the less! What a blessing my little man is, and i know this is only for a short time so i'm not going to let it get to me.(just don't look at my eyes)
I'm sorry for the lack of posts as of late, but it seems like all i do is feed him, change him, chase Maggie around, and then it starts all over again! lol, poor Maggie. What a GREAT big sister she is, i would be LOST without her. She is so patient and loving with Fionn. I've only had to tell her a few times not to yell "QUIET" at him, lol. And that's usually while i'm out of the room and she's patiently been standing by him for a few minutes trying to get him to take his pacifier and he just spit & throws it at her. He just doesn't want me to put him down, EVER! As long as someone is holding him, he's content. He can be dead asleep and i'll lay him down or put him in his swing, and within minutes he's awake and crying. As soon as i pick him up and his body is against mine, silence! Every couple of nights he lets me put him in the bassinet for a short period of time. He always starts out there, but ends up in bed sleeping on us. Right now as i type this he's cradled across my forearms all snuggled in...well he was, now he's fussing, lol. Go figure! brb....
i snuggled him between daddy and I, let's see how long this will last! literally it's been less than a minute, and there's the cry! and the precarious balancing act begins!
We had a great time at home this weekend, i was so happy that Greg got to go home with us. Fionn met most of the family on Greg's side and everyone shared him pretty well. Thank you to everyone who told us they love the blog, i promise we'll try to keep it up! As he starts to sleep a little more and longer it should be a little easier. It was great introducing him to some of our friends as well over the weekend. Between our friends and family Fionn was in his glory, he was held almost all weekend. Maggie loved being home(as usual) and thought it was awesome that she got to see everyone(esp. all her "friends") and the fact that she got to get in the pool most of the 24 hour period we were home made her day. The fact that Howard and Kristy came over with Ben and Luke for her to play with topped everything for her. It was nice to spend some time with them and the boys. We love living here in Pittsburgh but let me tell you, it's the one thing i miss the most, a lazy afternoon with family and friends. I guess we're starting to get better about meeting people, but nothing beats our group of friends from home. Shell's shower this weekend was so much fun, it was great being included, so thank you guys for letting me be a part of it, even if it was just a small part.
Before i ramble on all night, here are a couple pics from this weekend. I have a lot from the shower and whole weekend, so i'll make a slideshow tomorrow and post it! Enjoy these first!!

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Nicole said...

Hi guys!

I'm glad to see that you had a nice weekend up in Erie with family & friends. I totally know what you mean about putting your little one down who is fast asleep and then within minutes (or sometimes even seconds) he or she is wide awake crying once more. Morgan does that quite often, but has been getting a little better about it. Sometimes it seems like I am not able to do much in a day's time, but hold her, feed her, change her, etc... It's even harder when you have another child to take care of too. Fun fun! Anyway, I hope & pray that things get a little easier for you - raising children is a challenge in itself, but especially raising an infant, I think, is even more challenging. :o) Best of luck to you!

Take good care, Nicole