Sunday, July 19, 2009

My girl

Every summer Maggie wants to do some fairy or princess pictures when the flowers are in full bloom, and who am I to say no?? This year she decided no crown, no princess dress, just her little green tutu and a shirt. She loves her tutu's, and I love them on her! We were just in our side yard, so really there was no need for pants, according to her. It's a good thing you can't see in our yard! She brought down one of her favorite pair of fairy wings from the 3rd floor(the playroom) and out side we went. She let me curl her hair today, and let me tell you, the curls were beautiful, but already falling out by the time we started shooting! Her hair is just like mine, it just will NOT curl! Oddly enough she had curls when she was a baby though, not quite as crazy as Fionn's but there were curls!
Every year I say to myself, how in the world did she get to be this big already? It's not any different this year. SIX, my goodness, we are quickly approaching six! And entering first grade! I know that I blubbered for weeks on end last year about 5 and Kindergarten, but whoa, six! This picture IS my daughter. Those eyes have been staring into my soul since the day she was born. I just look at this picture and want to cry at how grown up she looks. Where did my little girl go?
I know that one day she'll hate this one, but oh do I love her in tutu's. This was her outfit choice, I just showed the world! Seriously, is there anything cuter than a girl in a tutu? I think not.
Oh to turn back the hands of time, or just to freeze it. Maggie and Fionn are so much fun, while so much work all at the same time! The older SHE gets, the older HE gets and my oh my, won't I be a mess then??
Do your children's birthday affect you all the same way? MY birthdays don't even have this affect on me! We are still a month away from her birthday and I'm already starting to blubber! I think it's a combo of the losing of all the baby teeth, shopping for new uniforms and some raging hormones all packed into one big ball tonight! Throw in lack of sleep, and *poof* you get me blubbering! I promise to be back to somewhat normal tomorrow, and I may even get to put up a post!

3 wonderful people say::

Hilary said...

She's so cute!!!

Mikris4 said...

I am the same way tonite! Sniff, sniff!!!

And what a lady you have there! Can you believe we are moms of SIX year olds-OH WAIT! My babies are almost SEVEN AND THREE! Dear God!!!!!
But you still have that sweet baby that makes my heart melt-keep him tiny!

Anonymous said...

Mags is so precious! She's my Princess! I love the picture too of all her curls. Her and Fionn are growing so very fast. They're the best and you and Greg should be so very proud of your lil' family! I love you all Mema