Friday, July 24, 2009

Beautiful Brianna

This week my BABY cousin came down to visit us. We've been talking about this trip for a long time, but this week it finally happened. We took her SENIOR pictures! Ohhh...does that make me feel old! Mother nature didn't quite want to cooperate with us, so we did what we could, worked around a couple rain storms, and used Tuesday and Weds. to fit everything in! Thank goodness I live on a cute brick street and have great flowers all around my house! We had planned a trip downtown amid the chaos for Tuesday but instead just played in the rain around my house. We did end up going downtown for more pics on Weds. but here is some of what we got just on Tuesday! I told you, she's beautiful! I just cannot believe that she is old enough to be a senior in high school already!! I still remember going to her house, when she was only 6 weeks old and babysitting her back in...well you don't need to know that, just it was a long long time ago now. Congrats Bri, we are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished already!

3 wonderful people say::

Hilary said...

Holy smokes looks like Maggie grown up!! She's beautiful :)

Just Me said...

Beautiful...and you can tell that BOTH of you had a great time! At least MY "baby" cousin is only six, but I am feeling old that I have "little cousins" who are married, and kids I baby-sat have children!

Great pics! :o)

Aunt She said...

Ging - what beautiful pics of a beautiful young lady - Brianna you are so beautiful - great pics!!