Friday, July 17, 2009

Catching back up...

I thought last week that it would be a great idea to try to drive home at night, you know so my children would just sleep...LOL...silly mommy! That works fine and well when we've worn them out in Erie and we're driving home. Their little eyes never open when we tuck them into bed. But GOING to Mema and Pop-pop's, well...that's a whole different story. The picture above is Fionn, at 1am last Friday night. He didn't get the whole "stay asleep" memo, or even the "go back to sleep" memo. In my grand scheme of things, we were going to get there, I was going to unload, the kids were going to sleep, I was going to pack up and get everything ready for the next morning, and then shower and go to bed. We got there, I got unpacked...then Fionn threw a wrench in plans. He decided that he was awake and wanted to "help" me get my equipment ready. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I was asleep before he was, but he was snuggling me and his eyes were closed, in my defense. Saturday dawned bright and early and I headed out the door for an all day wedding shoot. This was my first solo wedding, and even though it was a long day, it went well. While I was gone my children had their own agenda with Mema and Pop-pop. They had fun going to a party, and then just playing with Mema and Pop-pop all day!
Sunday I was off to another session, but this one was NOT all day, so I got to go back and enjoy some time with our family before heading back home.

Let me back track a bit now...Friday night I ran away for an hour to get my nails touched up, and I get this frantic twitter from my husband that I NEED to see this pic of Maggie...That's right, she lost BOTH her upper teeth this time. They were both wiggly and she's been asking me to pull them for a few days(she's afraid she will swallow them) but I told her to wait. I leave for an HOUR and she convinces daddy to do it! So here she is, our little toothless wonder, LOL. God bless her for being brave enough to just let daddy pull them. Remember when your parents would want to pull out your wiggly teeth? I do, and it terrified me! Daddy's one response to me was..."what, i gave her a local anastetic...chocolate ice cream!"

Last month when Maggie went to stay with Mema and Pop-pop for a week, she decided that she and Pop-pop were going to make a bird house. So she planned it out, and waited all week. She picked out all the colors and told him what was going to be painted what color, and when he came home Friday night, they set out to make it...
At first I wasn't so sure about the red and green next to each other, but it grows on you. I have to say that this is the BEST bird house I've ever seen. And the back, priceless!!
So that's what has happened in the last week. I can tell you honestly that my camera has been sitting here idle ALL week. I know, shocking, right? I have been so bogged down with work that my mom came down for the week to watch the kids so I could get everything done. Can you believe that it's the middle of July already? I can't! I've not even bought Maggie any of her required uniforms yet, and school starts in a little over a month. And the next couple weeks look just like this one. I am not complaining, my cup runneth over, but WHOA, I better get on the ball! Anyone else suddenly feeling pinched for time?? Wasn't it JUST the last day of Kindergarten?? Looks like we're headed to the library this afternoon after Maggie's LAST day of swim lessons. Time to catch up on her summer reading list. Yes, she has a summer reading list, isn't that crazy?? Going into first grade, and I've made her work all summer, poor girl!

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Just Me said...

Busy busy, but looks like lots of fun too! I can hardly believe it is nearing the end of July (although we are experiencing "record lows" which feels great to a girl who LOVES the fall!). The rest of the summer is sure to fly by with all that you have planned :o)

Talk to you soon!
Take care,