Friday, July 3, 2009

Crafton Celebrates Parade

TODAY is a big day, we are taking the kids to Idlewild as a SURPRISE! I'm sure there will be pictures, if you check our tweet updates over there on the left, you may just see some of our fun while there!! While we're gone we thought we would post some pics of all our "fun" from the parade the other night.As per tradition, it always RAINS for the parade, but we took our umbrellas and braved it. It didn't start raining until RIGHT as the parade came down over the hill. We had two umbrellas and our fabulous jogger has a built in rain guard in case it really started coming down, we could have just tucked Fionn in there!It's not a big parade by any stretch of the imagination, but boy did Maggie load up on Candy! (my purse after the parade-this is just SOME of it)

There were more fire trucks than we knew what to do with, and Fionn wasn't sure about ALL of them, but he seemed to perk up for the older models! It was great seeing some of our friends from St. Philip's in the Parade, and the men from Shriners were there on their little scooters, so it made for good entertainment! Don't forget we can't get enough of the bagpipes!By the end of the parade Fionn was waving to SOME of the fire trucks...but he still wasn't sure about it all!

It was a nice little parade though, and can't wait until next year when he chases all that Candy WITH Maggie! He already knows he wants to eat it though. We caught him going through my purse this morning and digging out any pieces still in the bottom...He tried to eat one piece, wrapper and all!
Did I mention he is stubborn? More on that to come...

2 wonderful people say::

Just Me said...

Again, looks like you had a fun time! Enjoy your day at idlewild!!


Hilary said...

Looks like it was fun!! The pictures are great!! :)