Sunday, August 24, 2008

A whole weekend for Maggie!

Here in our house we don't believe a birthday should just be celebrated the day you were born, we do little things to celebrate for about a week! We started celebrating Maggie's birthday last Thursday with Mema and Pop-pop since they were headed out to CA. for the week. They drove in and we all went to Maggie's favorite restaurant "The Lobster" Why the child loves the Lobster I have no idea because all she eats is Mac and Cheese. Something tells me it's the cheddar baked biscuits! The funny part is the last time we were all there together was the day we had Fionn. It was where she wanted to go for lunch after Pre-K graduation.
Here are a couple pictures from dinner! It's been a LONG weekend so i'll try to post more as the next few days go on. We have Kindergarten orientation tomorrow!!
Roses from Mema and Pop-pop
Happy girl at dinnerBlowing out the first candle!

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boltefamily said...

Happy Birthday Maggie! We love you sweet girl! Can't wait to see you again!

Howard, Kristy, and the Bolte Boys!