Thursday, August 28, 2008

First day pictures!

Okay sorry it tok a couple days but it's been so busy this week. Fionn is still not so sure about Maggie not being here all day, but Mag seems to be enjoying school and Fionn is taking what time he can get. Right now as he sits in his swing she is dancing all over the living room singing to him. He just watches and smiles, lol. Too bad the only tv time I ask for is the news and of course the news is on! Oh well, if that's the worst I have to complain about than I am a lucky woman. Greg is at class and we're waiting for daddy to come home so we can watch the Steeler game together. I'm going to dread telling Maggie that no she doesn't even get to watch the full first half! It's not going to go over well. She has a reward for getting through her first week though, Mema and Pop-pop are coming back tomorrow!
I guess it's time to wrap this up, Fionn is now tired of her dancing routine and Maggie is now using my couch as a trampoline(again) Wait now she heard the ice cream truck and is out the front door!! Better catch her! Enjoy the pictures!

Maggie getting ready to leave for her first day of school!

heading up the side steps to St. Philip's

yeah, she looks thrilled we dropped her off!

right after she got off the school bus

our wonderful crossing guard Carol helping us cross the street!

ahhh..back home again, we decorated for her!!

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