Monday, August 4, 2008

Catching Up Part One

I know most of you are in shock right now. Three posts in one day from me, and one from Greg! I told you I would try to do better this week. There was just sooo much going on last month. Today(Monday) is a big day here at our house as well, but i'll get into that later. I need to wait out the day and see what I hear. Fionn also has a developmental specialist coming to see if he's on track, but Greg and I are amazed at his growth and strength already, so we can't imagine there will be a problem. He head control is amazing already, he LOVES to stand up, and is already cooing and smiling and laughing at us. He already knows how to get what he wants, and i'm not sure who he has wrapped around his finger more, daddy or mommy. Maggie is in love with him, and still wants to hold him and play with him everyday. He gets a good amount of attention from her daily, and he thinks she's pretty funny! It's funny, there are days when i have to remind her that I'm the mommy, but she's such a great little helper.
This post is dedicated to Fionn's second month, and I can't believe in two weeks i'll have to make another one for three months! WOW, where does the time go??? Our friends just had their new little girl two weeks ago, and she's bigger than Fionn was, but i was amazed when i held her. She is so tiny, and it seems impossible that he was smaller. My little "Pudge" has changed so much already, and grown too!! He's def. made up for being so small at birth!!
Before i start getting weepy, i better post his new page!! Enjoy ya'll...I do, everyday!

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