Monday, June 29, 2009

Zoo Trip

We babysat for one of Maggie's friends, Christopher, yesterday and since he just moved here this past winter we decided to take him to the zoo. As you can see Fionn is waking more and more every day, and he tried to escape a few times at the zoo yesterday! Yep that's Maggie that he's trying to get to, and daddy was WAY off to the right of this picture. Fionn had walked pretty far by this point.
This is daddy helping him up the big hill by the Tiger exhibit. He was bound and determined to "go-go-go" yesterday!
Maggie has been mothering Chris since he moved here, but it doesn't look like he minds, not one bit! They had a great time yesterday. It was a great day, I'm glad they have so much fun together!
In front of the Tiger's...If you look closely, you will see the one tiger sleeping on the rock. He's right between the tree branches!
Mag and Chris with one of the elephants. On the weekends, they have one of them off to the side now, and for a $10 donation (to go to helping at the Elephant preserve here in PA) you can take your picture with her (or him) I believe this is Victoria. She is going to be nine this year. It's usually one of the two "older" babies that they have out there. I say that, because both Zuri and Angelina will be one in the next month! So Victoria and Callee are the two "older" babies! They both look nervous because Victoria was flinging the hay around as they were standing next to her! These pictures made Maggie's day! The elephants have always been her favorite at our zoo!!
And here we all are with her! Maggie has her eyes closed and her hand up, yes, to block flying hay! I think she thought she was going to get whacked with her trunk! But it's cool that it looks like she's touching her! Poor Fionn, he has NO CLUE what is happening! But he was excited about seeing her as we waited in line!

And that's all for today...we are OFF on today's adventure, we're going to the pool! Looks like it should be done, only 30% chance of storms! If it does, we'll just hit the library instead! Enjoy your Monday!!

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Looks like you guys are staying busy this summer! Hope you guys are doing good! :)