Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dance Recital

Sorry I have not had time to post much but things are starting to slow down again now, just one more hectic weekend to get through, and then things should slow down(as much as they can when it's summer) Last Sunday was Maggie's big dance recital at Carnegie Music Hall and she did GREAT! Mema and Pop-pop, Aunt Shelli and Uncle Bill(and Mikey), and Aunt Sharon and John Mark all came down to see her recital. She was in THREE numbers and looked so adorable in all of them!! Here is a little video of her tap number, we have the other two as well, but I LOVE this one! Sorry about the people getting up at the beginning!!!

Here are a couple pictures from the big day as well!!This is Maggie in her tumbling case you can't tell she was a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz!

Maggie with her Entourage after the show!!
Mema telling her how proud she was of her!

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Just Me said...

That video is PRICELESS! I love how she kept taking little peeks at the girls next to her to make sure she was doing the right thing...yeah, that was definitely me too. I had to watch it twice and it definitely had me giggling because it was just so darn cute! (Yes, a little relieved that my parents never had a "camcorder"!)

Thanks so much for sharing!
Take care,

Hilary said...

That is SO cute! Maggie you did great!! What an amazing dancer you are too..they are the pictures and the last picture of her with her Mema too :)

Aunt She said...

It was good to see her dance again; just as good as seeing it in person. Maggie, you give us all joy especially when you dance!

Love & Hugs