Saturday, June 13, 2009

Little Sluggers!

I know that I happened to mention that last weekend we had company, okay A LOT of company, but we loved every minute of it! This is only the 2nd trip Mikey has been to our house in Pittsburgh, and were thrilled that Bill and Shelli came down! On that last vacation that Mema and Pop-pop took they brought the boys home matching rompers. We "attempted" a quick photo shoot while Mema and Pop-pop ran to the store Sunday night, but you all know how well my son cooperates for photo shoots!! The boys successfully had their first fight, over Aunt Shelli as a matter of fact, but we got some adorable pictures! We tried, that's for sure, but those boys were on to what we wanted, and wanted NO PART!!

We thought we would try to use the bench...

we solved the "ball crisis" and got them each their own!

and they're were OFF! But it's so stinkin cute, who cares!!

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Just Me said...

Again, SO cute! I really like the "coloring" or whatever you call it in "photography speak" looks like old time baseball pictures...and you KNOW how much I ♥ baseball so these pictures are EXTRA AWESOME in my opinion ;o)