Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A day at the Pool

We are trying to stick to our "get outside" every day this summer plan, and yesterday we went down to the Crafton pool to get out in the sun for a little while. It was only in the low-70s so it wasn't super hot, but since it is supposed to be raining the rest of the week, we figured it would be the best day for it! This was Fionn's first time at a "big" pool and he loved it! He was literally, squealing in delight, when he got to walk around in the pool! He loved when I would swing him around, and we even went over to the "big kid" side of the pool and helped Maggie practice swimming for a little while. Fionn loved being over there and I held him up to float around for a bit! My children are def. water babies! Maggie starts her swim lessons next Monday at the city pool a little closer to our house. We had to run some errands yesterday so we ran down into Crafton instead. It's great to know that there are TWO pools within walking distance! We are going to try to head to the city pool on Friday if the weather cooperates!
Fionn decided to take a "goldfish" time out and was sitting watching all the big kids with squirt guns! He then promptly fell asleep in my lap, so mommy got to sit for a while and just watch Maggie play!
Maggie came over and declared that she was hungry, and that she wanted "you know one of those white covered things momma" me:"Ohhhh, a funnel cake, Mag" "yep" she says(as she digs out my wallet) and this is the happy smile I got in return after she finished her funnel cake! I love this one of her, it's a true picture of my happy "summer" girl...she loves, loves, loves the pool!!Fionn woke up from his nap and decided he was getting back in...until he went back in...then he shook his head "nooooooooo" and decided to sit on the edge and watch instead! LOL, silly baby!
All in all it was a fun day to be out and about!

2 wonderful people say::

Just Me said...

Wow, your swimming pool sells funnel cakes?! Back in the day, I only remember popsicles, candy, and soda pop...although we didn't get to go to the pool very often. Looks like a great day and, as always, the pictures are awesome :o)

Nicole said...

Great pictures! Chase isn't too fond of the big pool, but loves to play in the kiddie pool we have here at home. That's fine by me since I don't like to have to put on a bathing suit!!! Morgan loves the water, too!