Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Are your eyes open?

There has been so many things happening lately that I've barely had time to stop and take a breath, let alone post. But these have all been great, beautiful things and I can't wait to share them with you all. Chicago was AMAZING and I cannot wait to go back!! Even though I'm still exhausted(probably from laughing so hard) and not at all the walking for pretty much the whole weekend, my soul is rested. The two women I went on my trip with have been in my life for less than a year, but it's obvious that God put them here for a reason.
So many things have happened in the last year, that I'm sure if I hadn't been looking, I would have missed them, all the little works of our great Father. So many people say that they can't see him, they have never seen God...well my friends, if that's the case for you, are your eyes open to HIM?? Don't search him out, just watch his great works unfold around you. Those little "coincidences" -yep not so much coincidences, and more like works of our great Father!!
So many great things happened on our trip to Chicago that I cannot even begin to tell you about them all. There is however a few little things I want to share with you.
I met Amanda when I was working on a little surprise for Howard and Kristy for Asher's Birthday this year. Asher's birthday is 2/22/08. Remember that. Amanda helped me out greatly while working on that surprise for them and we connected and have been talking ever since! So yes, we met through Kristy. Kristy JUST gave birth on Monday(coincidentally my birthday) to her beautiful baby girl HOPE Amelia. She was born at 2:22pm. Isn't that great...well here's where it gets GREATER...This is a gift that Amanda made for me, and gave me while we were in Chicago. NO, we did NOT know that Kristy was going with the name Hope either. Isn't that beautiful? Here's the back!This is just ONE instance of god's amazing works. There have been so many lately that my head is spinning!! Thank you God for these great friends and for a brand new little girl to adore!!

(and yes Kristy, the orange was on purpose...just for you!)

2 wonderful people say::

Just Me said...

I ♥ you and am SO thankful that God brought you into my life. Truly, if you keep your eyes open, you can see God. I have seen Him SO many times in my work and the people He has brought into my life that way. The way we met seems very "round about"/"random" unless you believe in God and His ways. You are an amazing person, and I am blessed beyond measure that He decided we should be friends.

When can we go back?!

Aunt of 14 said...

Wow, I did not know about the Hope ornament! I know about the shirt Amanda bought and what a miracle that turned out to be. I am so glad the two of you were able to meet up and have a great weekend together!