Saturday, June 13, 2009

Family Day

This week was on vacation...sort of. He had surgery on Monday, and had to teach Wednesday and go to class on Thursday, but Tuesday and Friday were ours! We decided to take our chances with the weather on Tuesday and headed over to the zoo. We LOVE the Pittsburgh zoo and recommend it anyone visiting our fine city! I do warn you in advance, it's kind of hilly(but what part of Pittsburgh isn't?)
Fionn is just getting to the point where he's actually checking the animals out, and it's GREAT! Maggie has parts where she just wants to breeze through because we're there so much, but with Fionn every time we go, we notice him noticing more, so we make her take her time! Our kimono dragon was on display again finally now that it's warm enough so Maggie took Fionn over to check him out.
It's a miracle in itself that the dragon was out, let alone that BOTH my children are looking(and somewhat smiling) at the camera!!

We read a sign that said the zookeepers for the Lions were coming out at noon, so we were sitting and waiting for them while checking out the sleeping lions. This is Maggie waiting(sort of) patiently. Those are her new sandels that she HAD to have. I won't lie, she normally lives in her crocs and she could have cared less about them this week, after she got these. The only fight we had was silver or gold, and I'm glad she chose silver!!
Our Aquarium at the zoo is awesome and we have two tunnels under the polar bears and the new shark exhibits that are so much fun to play in! They just opened (in 2007) this whole new "water's edge" exhibit and it's just beautiful! The polar bear enclosure is HUGE and add on the fact that they can swim right over your head, it pretty much makes MY day when we go! The polar bears are on your way in and then the sharks on your way out. The sharks are new, just in the last few months.

This one is Maggie running, watching one of the sharks swim over. I love the look on her face. This one is just a little blurry, but she thought it was cool that they just swam back and forth above us! The bottom one is one I caught and really liked! I wanted to post tonight about our Parish festival(and the fact that the PENS won the Stanley Cup) but i'm just too tired to do that much work! We're leaving in 4.5 hours and I've yet to sleep, so im signing off for now!! We hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Just Me said...

I LOVE the zoo...especially when I actually find a kid to go with me ;o) Looks like a very fun day!