Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First teeth lost...OH MY

Maggie's bottom two teeth have been loose for a while now and tonight she decided to do something about it. With Halloween coming, we were afraid of them getting swallowed, and she really wanted to pull the one, so we humored her. When the first one popped right out, accidentally(as Greg was tying on the string) she decided that it did not hurt and he should pull the second one. My stomach rolled as he pulled it, but she never cried!! She now just has two cavernous holes in the front of her mouth!! She's really excited about the tooth fairy, and she gets a double shot to start!!
Here's video of the aftermath!! What a big girl I have now!

4 wonderful people say::

Aunt She and John Mark said...

Maggie! What a milestone! Was the tooth fairy good to you? You are such a brave young lady! Call me and tell me all about the experience. Love you.

Nicole said...

That's pretty funny! Congrats Maggie! Hope the tooth fairy didn't forget to come!!!

Have a Happy Halloween!

Lauren said...

Way to go for the twofer, Maggie!!!! She's braver than we are!!!!!

boltefamily said...

Ok...I am freaked out! I thought I was at least a year or two from this happening! ACK! Our kids cannot be that old already!