Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh no...not my tomatoes....

Yep, those were the words that came out of Maggie's mouth today when we were listening to the news. When the weather man said, "tonight is the end of the growing season here in Pittsburgh" you would have thought he said they were taking away all her build-a-bears! Soooo, tonight after she was all tucked in bed, i went out and picked the two biggest ones, brought them in, and then covered the plant. Let's hope that tomorrow morning our poor little tomato plant is still with us. This is the first year we've planted anything but flowers, so she was very attached to those tomatoes. We had NO luck with the pumpkins, and she has realized that they are not going to make it, but she was just so happy about those tomatoes. By the way, did i mention, she doesn't even eat them! Nor does Greg, so they are all for me! Let's just hope we're not mourning our tomato plant tomorrow!! maggie with her plants, proudly showing off her FIRST harvest!

So tonight I thought I would put both the kids in one post, so here is a short video of Fionn in his Halloween costume. I pulled it out tonight to see if if was close to fitting yet, and he looked so darn cute, i just had to get it on video!!! Enjoy our little monster!!

3 wonderful people say::

Hilary said...

how cute!!! hope for the best with the tomatoes!!! :)

Aunt She said...

Just love the outfit! I hope the tomatoes survived - I bet they have tasted good - Yummm.

Maggie, you are going to be a great gardner - you get the touch from both sides of the family!!

See you all soon (I hope)!

Aunt She

Nicole said...

If you're tomato plants look anything like ours - then I'm sure you had a very sad girl on your hands. Our plants are literally fried and looking quite brown. :o( Oh well, I'm the only one in my family who will eat them, too, and I don't even care for them that much so it wasn't a huge loss for me. Until next year... Oh, and we had several pumpkins grow this year for us, but as always, they rot or get eaten by those nasty little critters that live underground. What a bummer!

Sorry I've not been commenting - I just never get the chance to. I check in all the time and read your new posts and enjoy all the pictures, though. :o) Love the monster costume! Too cute!

Take care, Nicole