Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kids, Kids everywhere...

Last night most of the immediate family escorted my mom down so she could stay with us for a couple days. It was great seeing my nieces and nephews and they brought their Halloween costumes to show me, so what else could we do but take pictures!! It made for a late night, and Maggie only got to stay up and play a little later because she only had a half a day today and is off tomorrow.
We're headed off in the morning to see HSM3 with Grace and her mommy and then to a girls lunch since Gramma is here with Fionn. Greg called me a mom-nerd because I bought the tickets online today...guess I'm not alone, I talked to a couple other moms today who have already/or just did buy theirs today as well!! What I would give for 1/1000 of Disney's Marketing, geesh! Last night and tonight they are playing the first and second HSM on Disney Channel to countdown to tomorrow. Maggie is sooo excited, I bet she'll be up before her alarm clock goes off tomorrow!!
Okay everyone, I really have so much work to get back to. I hope you enjoy these little cuties!! And yes i know, hardly any of my babies, but I figure I have a few days to focus on them!!

marky really was not a fan of being a pumpkin!!

Zarah-our big cheerleader!

Maggie-the beautiful butterfly!

Mattie-the little cheerleader

the three girls being cute!

Mattie--great close up!

the only one with Fionn--too bad everyone else was melting down!!

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