Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I have been hesitant on writing anything political on our blog, and I can tell you three months ago we were NOT so sure who we would be voting for today, it all seemed like BS, but I can tell you that once we made the effort to sit down and look at all the facts we did, indeed decide to back Obama. Today we went, as a family, and cast our votes. Maggie went with both of us and helped us push the buttons. She had no doubt in her mind who would win. The reason though she did not like John McCain(kids say the darnedest things) was that she didn't like his smile! It was that easy for her. Not so much for Greg and I. I like John McCain, I stand for some of the same things he stands for. His Pro-life campaign was something that I admired, but at this time, he wasn't the right choice for us. I have to hope that as a nation we can now make our voices heard that we want change. I believe we are on the right path. Who among us tonight, who listened to his speech from Grant Park, isn't moved? I had tears in my eyes tonight as I listened, and hope in my heart. For the first time, I feel like I was a part of History. What an amazing night for our country! Even if you didn't vote for Obama today, let's all help make our voices heard again in our capitol. Let's take back the government this IS of the people, BY the people!
I just went in and woke up Maggie to tell her the results, and do you know my five year old daughter(half asleep) sat up in bed and gave me the biggest smile and biggest hug. She doesn't understand the importance of the day, but at FIVE she knows more about the world than I did at that age. She amazes me, and I hope that our next President amazes all of us...
God Bless America!

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boltefamily said...

Ben ran around the house screaming BARACK OBAMA all day! It didn't help that Daddy was Obama for Halloween! We are very excited as well!

You should check out the blog he has great insight on Obama! He is one of my favorite authors and has been campaigning with Obama