Sunday, October 5, 2008

Triple B Farms

On Saturday we were daring and went exploring. I've seen Triple B's advertised and the owners actually advertise at Snuggle Bugs with us. I contacted them last fall about doing pictures out there, but it was too late in the season to set anything up. Now we're actually looking at setting up some dates NEXT fall now where I will exclusively do pictures at their farm that weekend.
It was worth the almost hour drive out to their farm! We got to drive down these winding county roads with leaves changing all around us! It reminded me of home!! Maggie had a blast, and Fionn seemd to like it as well. He really liked that he got to touch a baby duck and he picked out his own pumpkin! They had this awesome slide, it was just a big farm drainpipe stuck through a hill, and they named it the Liberty Tubeslide! It was cute! Maggie loved riding the sack down the slide!
Today I had to go buy a new computer, so I will post the pictures tomorrow once everything is set up and running right!!
More to come!

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