Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A sneak peek at Fionn!

We had another sonogram yesterday and as you can see we were very entertained! He didn't think that WE were too funny though! Fionn's already weighing in at 5 pounds,12 oz. and he still has a few more weeks to grow!! I'm not going to lie, it was amazing to see him moving yesterday, it really choked me up! We got to see his eyes open and close, a big yawn, and some great stretching. He sleeps like his daddy! On his side all curled up with his arm under his head! And he looks a lot like Maggie with some of the expressions that he was making, only a bigger forehead! I again got a shot of the "berries" but no "twig". LOL, i guess he's keeping that a surprise!
We are currently at the doctor's weekly now with non-stress tests twice a week. They are just watching me closely due to the diabetes and hypertension that is all pregnancy related. We're just trying to avoid the anxiety this time that went along with Maggie's birth! We're shooting for our C-section sometime around the 16th of May(if he waits that long) so a little less than a month left!!
Okay, time to go enjoy the sunshine!!

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