Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Getting Ready for Fionn!

We went yesterday and FINALLY picked up Fionn's crib and changing table. This is the third different set we finally decided on, and it's nice that they are now home and set up! We had a traumatic weekend when we went to pick up the other set we had all picked out and they were out of the crib. They were not going to have the crib in again for two and a half months...(but i could order it online and have to pay $252 in shipping fees extra) Can you say ABSURD and ridiculous!
We originally did not plan on going with IKEA for his things, but they had just gotten this great new set in that we loved so we decided to change from the original set to that one. So we waited to get it all since we were moving, and i wanted to just pick it all up at once. I guess that was not a great plan! For all of our friends that love to drive down to go to IKEA, they are starting a remodeling project starting this weekend and arn't promising full stock while remodeling, so just be warned. And don't expect customer service to be polite, grrrrr! So we took our money elsewhere.
After a three hour debate between Babies"R"Us and Burlington, we finally chose this set. It was not our original third choice even, but no one in Pittsburgh carried the crib I found online that I wanted. That's not true, there were stores with it, just not the right color! We originally wanted cherry, then the ikea stuff was an antique color, but in the end we got honey so it all matches in the room. Maggie's new big girl bed has drawers under it that match Fionn's stuff! I'll post a couple more pics tomorrow to show you more of the room. Sorry these ones are a little grainey, i used the new camcorder and just took still shots with it of them! I love how Maggie is helping daddy! They had such a great time putting everything together. I'm not sure which one of them is more excited for Fionn to get here!!

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