Thursday, April 24, 2008

Busy week last week...

First night of T-ball practice!!
Last Wednesday Maggie started T-ball. She's playing in the CIT league here in Crafton. It took some wrangling, but she's on the same team with Sophia and Grace. There is also a couple boys on the team that she already knows, so we actually know people for once! whoo hooo!!
They had two practices last week, and their first game was Tuesday night! It was a real treat(for us parents) and they were all so stinkin cute! Maggie was the last batter in the first at bats, so she got to run all the way around the bases and bring everyone in. She was so excited to get her "home run" Batting is def. not her strong point, so it looks like we'll be investing in a T for here at home to practice! She loves her new cleats though, or at least the fact that they can dig up the dirt!! She made quite an impressive hole by second base the first night of practice.
The best part of T-ball cream!! Maggie thinks that she gets ice cream after every practice and game, lol.
Okay I'll post more pictures from last week later, time to go get my hair done! whoo hoo, i've only had one haircut my whole pregnancy so i'm really looking forward to this!!

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