Thursday, April 3, 2008

God give me Strength...

As most of you all know, I am a proud member of Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, and have been working here in the Pittsburgh area to promote our organization. We are all fairly new to the organization and there is nothing established with any of the hospitals here in the area. I also took on the role as the Area Coordinator in February and have been working towards establishing connections locally since. I had a few names for Magee, but have found out recently that we may be needed more importantly at Children's first. I have been praying and researching on how to spread the word of our services there, and then today the director of the NICU called me! Praise God! She had a few questions for me, and after I answered and asked my own questions, she gave our information to a family that we can help.
Within 20 minutes the family contacted me, and requested our services for tomorrow. Not long after that the director called me back again and we spoke a little more. I have been unsure in the last couple weeks if I should be going in for any of these special sittings due to my VERY pregnant condition and it seems God is still pushing me to go. I just don't want to upset the parents or the families. When speaking with the mom today, I gave her the option so not to upset her. She asked me still to come and now I'm gearing up to go.
Tonight I'm thanking God for opening these doors for us here in Pittsburgh, but also begging him for the strength to steady my hand to get this grieving family some great shots that they can cherish forever. I will be with them most of the day tomorrow, so please say a prayer for me that I somehow ease their grief (even if just the tiniest amount) with these images!!

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