Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow Daaaayyyyyy

We haven't had enough snow fall at once to go sledding in over two years (besides Snowmaggeden last year) Or maybe there was, but I was pregnant, or Fionn was too small to go.  Last year we took the kids out in our yard on our "slope" just for fun one day when it snowed, but there was no way we could have taken the boy down the big hill locally.  
So it was a HUGE deal when early in January when there was enough snow to cancel school (and Daddy was home too) and I said we could go sledding!  There wasn't enough snow to even cover all the leaves but hey, there was enough to make it down the hill!
We parked right at the top of the hill and Cate slept in the truck the entire time we were there.  One of us was right by the truck the whole time, so it worked out well.  Daddy rode down with Fionn, and Maggie just flew down the hill.  There were some friends from school there so they traded sleds a few times, and Mag even hit the "bump"  She did it though when we were talking to other parents so I missed the shots of her getting air!  She tried again a few times but never caught the same air.  
We had to rally her a few times to keep her going back up the hill.  I took this last picture at the end, when she was too tired to climb back up the hill.  I had to carry the sled, and help pull her back up the hill the last time...

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Hilary said...

How much FUN!!! Maggie is such a cute girl...growing up too fast :)