Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bad Mommy

I've composed at least a dozen blog posts over the course of the last month, but it would seem that NONE of them made it out of my mind.  It's really getting crowded in there! 

January, I thought January was supposed to be LONG and BORING?  That didn't happen here.  Let's not lie, a good part of January I was so busy I never made it out of my jammies most days.  Gotta love working from home.  Shower, ha....teething and poddy training took me to a new low that I don't even want to discuss.  Greg barely has enough time in the day to work and eat let alone have the energy to deal with the hyped up crazies who REFUSE to sleep until Daddy's home.  The midnight shifts kill everybody, and yes I'm dead serious.  Daddy does bedtime.  Mommy does everything else.  There's cuddling, iPad stories, playtime and more cuddling that happens while Mommy frantically tries to get things done for work.  So when Daddy works late, they deal with letting me attempt their bedtime but they get VERY grumpy.  And usually wake up as soon as he walks up the stairs. 
I'd complain about the weather, but everyone has had nasty weather so what is there to complain about.  Maggie has yet to have a full week of school since some time in December, at the beginning I think.  Between the two hour delays, missed days, and holidays I'm starting to think she'd get more done if we home schooled.  But that is NOT an option.  
Fionn got angry today when she left for school at 9:30.  She was still here when he woke up, so he assumed she was here for the day.  It's a viscous love/hate relationship between the two of them.  They love each other SO much, but Fionn has been getting a little "pushy" in asserting his boy dominance as of late and thinks HE'S the boss...
We're working on that.
We got to go sledding, a few weeks ago (don't judge people) and Fionn and Maggie had a BLAST.  So I promise, that's up next. 
Oh and umm, cate's nine month post.  That too, I pinky swear.  NEW pics are a comin' I was just waiting on Mother Nature to show me a little bit of BLUE sky for a backdrop

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