Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love Pops

  Cake+frosting=cake pops.
 Sounds easy, right?
yeah, I thought so too.
I went over to Pioneer Woman's Blog and read the tutorials from her and Bakerella about how to go about making these cake pops I had heard so much about.  After looking at the pictures and reading both their tutorials I felt confident in my ability to pull it off
(strike one against the momma)
I made a chocolate cake, and let it cool as I went up to get Cate ready for bed...only to come back to this.

yeah, he's a peach. 
So I had a trial cake I thought, and good thing, because I needed it.  The cake pops seemed pretty much like the oreo truffle balls that we make so I thought what the heck, I'll just use the WHOLE container of frosting. 
(strike two mommy)
yeah, this is what happens when you use the whole container of frosting.  No matter how long I froze them, they would always be too weak to stay on the stick.  
While I was working on these, I made another funfetti cake for try #2 the next day.  I officially was beaten on day one..
Day 2.  
Funfetti Cake and Frosting

While we were freezing the next batch of pops, we went ahead and melted the chocolate again to perfect our dipping skills for the "good" batch.
{one of my favorite pictures, she's wearing her great grandmothers apron}
I think we got it down...
So on the pink we went...
ahhhhh,another love day down, but all in all I think it turned out well.  Cake Pop Experiment #1 done.  Maggie already has plans for Cate's first birthday....since you know, mommy KNOWS what she's doing now.  Faith, she haz it in me!

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